3 steps that makes your day happy and shine

「HOGUMI ONE series」


Simple 3 steps of using moisturizer, skin lotion and cream used at J's room's beauty salon will vitalize your skin and inner self.

  • Moisturizer
  • Lotion
  • Serum
  • 1st step is to create a path to moisturize your skin with the moisturizer that contains 26 skin benefit agents such as fullerene and EGF that provide high moisturization. Also horse placenta essence helps to build clear smooth skin from your face, neck and décolleté.

  • 2nd step is One clear lotion, additive free, maximizes moisturization and makes your skin glow. The lotion contains fullerene, horse placenta essence, fukoidan, proteoglycans, pearl essence, vitamin C and 20 other skin benefit agents.

  • The last step is to use Hogumi's highest grade cream 'One serum de cream' that contains nano-capsuled human adipocyte conditioned media extract. It's smooth creamy texture gives you a luxury skin care time and creates soft and flawless skin.

" ONE "